The Unstable Factors Of Bowl Liner Price

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The Unstable Factors Of Bowl Liner Price

SD machinery is specialized in producing bowl liner and mantle.The composition of bowl liner direct to affect the span-life its cone crusher.Because the long working life of high quality bowl liner,under the same output,its need change not too much times.As all we know, it is difficult to change the bowl liner, wasting the working time and operation difficult,requiring high accuracy.In the process of disassembly, its will inevitably wear, or occur other minor problems.

The bowl liner materials: Mn14Cr2, Mn18Cr2. The main difference between the two kinds of materials are the difference in the content of manganese in the bowl liner, and production processes are normal circumstances, which determines bowl liner price.There are many factors that affect the price instability of cone liner and bowl liner. For example, the price of iron and steel, the price of ore and the price of crusher are all factors that affect the price instability of cone liner and bowl liner, because cone liner and bowl liner, The main ingredient is iron, the current cone crusher more and more popular, andc one liner and bowl liner are the main wear parts of the cone crusher, so the future prospects are still very good.

In general, the main factors affecting the price of cone liner and bowl liner are the environmental changes and economic constraints caused by the various links under the chain, while the price of cone liner and bowl liner will affect the prices of crushers, The price of steel, the price of ore, the price of building materials, and even the price of the house, which is the chain effect.

Who will be affected by the constraints and it? At present, the price of cone liner and bowl liner, of course, is mainly affected by steel, market dynamics and other reasons, under the influence of the money effect, the new admission funds have increased the market expectations of the rally, making the current Of the steel market, the trend of stock market becoming more and more serious, this change led directly to the steel trading mode of operation changes. Now the steel market, a serious phenomenon of the stock market, the market mentality more realistic, these two points on the crusher prices, steel prices rebounded, coupled with abundant market funds early, pushed up the price of steel directly. Under the influence of money-making effect, the new admission funds increased the expectation of the rising market, which made the current steel market become more and more serious. This change led directly to the change of the steel trading operation mode.

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