Some Notices In The Casting Process Of Crusher Wear Parts

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Some Notices In The Casting Process Of Crusher Wear Parts

Casting Dimensional Accuracy And Surface Roughness Control

In the field of modern manufacturing, the precision and quality of the castings are getting higher and higher. The near-net shape casting technology changes the traditional idea that the casting can only provide the blank. The purpose is to reduce the material consumption, energy consumption and labor consumption. Both inside and outside the quality, for the market and high efficiency. However, casting dimensional accuracy and surface roughness due to many factors and constraints, control is very difficult. Casting is liquid forming, to achieve near-net-shape has a unique advantage in the structure of the casting cavity and shape of the casting method once formed to close to the final shape of the parts, so that processing and assembly processes to a minimum; Dimensional precision and surface quality, so that the casting can be close to the final requirements of the product, so that the balance of dollars or small margin; the other hand, retained the original casting surface is conducive to maintaining the casting corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance superior performance, Thereby improving product life.

Crystallization And Solidification Of The Formation And Control

The structure of liquid metal, the formation and growth of crystal nuclei, the size, orientation and morphology of crystal grains are closely related to the solidified structure of castings, which have great influence on the physical properties and mechanical properties of castings. The purpose of controlling the solidified structure of castings is to obtain the desired structure. To control the solidified structure, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of its forming mechanism, forming process and influencing factors. At present, the effective control of the organization has established methods of deterioration, gestation, dynamic products, the order of solidification, rapid solidification.

The control of the two aspects above could guarantee the quality of casting. If you want to know more information about crusher wear parts, please contact us

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