Measures To Extend The Life Of Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate

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Depth Interpretation Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Measures To Extend The Life Of Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate

In the jaw crusher of the moving parts, the liner is in direct contact with the hard part of the material, so it belongs to the Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate of the wearing parts. This is why in the purchase of equipment often need to do a good job of equipment accessories supply the main reason.

So at work, how to extend the life of the Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate, Xiao Bian for you to summarize the following four aspects of the improvement measures:

1.Increase the lining tooth height

The original height of the plate is 70mm, increased to 140mm. The paddle thickened jaw crusher has a 2 ° reduction in the angle between the motor plate and the set plate, and the crushing efficiency is increased by 12%. The wear area of the liner is increased by 300 mm. The center of the material is 70 mm away from the body. At the center of the hopper On-line, while also reducing the wear on the underfill funnel liner.

2.Liner design, selection, assembly

In the production process, the liner and the material directly, the crushing force is very large, especially the broken hardness of the larger materials, resulting in the installation of the bolt bolt bolt, nut loose, so that liner wear and exacerbation and produce great noise, Serious when the liner off or broken to Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate shutdown, affecting the normal production. In this case can use spring anti-loose vibration device to solve the loose lining in the work, thereby extending the life of the liner, improve work efficiency.


Positioning of the positioning method by the upper and lower wedge and edge guard positioning, to the mother board after its positioning the same way. The original set of the ear in the thickness of the direction of the division, sub-board, motherboard half. The side panel presses the daughterboard, and the daughterboard presses the motherboard so that the mother board rests against the body. Sub-board, the motherboard itself is the upper and lower positioning of the mother board with the size to ensure that, if the casting process does not meet the size requirements, then planing.

4.Liner assembly

The liner must be firmly attached to the Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate, the two should be pad between the liner and Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate between the use of soft metals (such as lead, zinc, etc.) for the gasket, and bolted. Jaw crusher work, the liner should not be loose phenomenon, or easy to break or wear liner, reducing the life of the liner.

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