Development Of Crusher Wear Parts

Some Notices In The Casting Process Of Crusher Wear Parts
Three Types Defects Of Crusher Wear Parts

Development Of Crusher Wear Parts

Crusher wear-resistant castings parts mainly include: jaw plateblow barimpact plateside platecone liner,bowl linercrusher hammerhammer plate, feed cone, rotor tip and other parts. Here we will introduce the development of crusher wear parts.

Development Of Wear Resistant Castings Parts: Single To Multi – color

Throughout the development of foundry industry, a variety of modern retail industry in China has experienced from scratch, from small to large development. The fierce competition in the industry challenges the casting industry to change thinking, change patterns, adjust the structure, the pressure into motivation. At the same time, with the accelerated process of urbanization in China, the original wear-resistant castings of the traditional territory has been a great challenge. In the face of this challenge, manufacturers have formed a general consensus, only innovation is the last word of survival and development, backwardness will be eliminated.
Before the production of wear-resistant castings of very few enterprises, the quality is not stable enough, the price is too high, these are the disadvantages of traditional accessories; Now, the society in progress, the company in the development of technology has also been reformed, Plate must go to the manufacturers to measure the size, and then arrange the production, and now as long as customers provide drawings or samples, you can arrange production, and EPC, sand casting, v casting production line; can be produced according to customer demand to meet customer Diversified needs. Diversified development model.

Traditional enterprises need to actively adapt to the current society innovation, and should always adhere to the scientific concept of development, advancing with the times, make the best use of the situation, seize the opportunity and take the road of diversified development and promote sustained and healthy and stable development of foundry industry.

Development Of Wear Resistant Castings Parts:From self-sufficiency to sold overseas

Recalling the development process of the foundry industry, can be found in a regular phenomenon, that is, when the market appears strong sales, followed by inevitable there will be saturated, followed by macro-control and compression, followed by a short supply, manufacturers once again on the production capacity, so The product is saturated again, so again and again.

Domestic construction machinery involving high-tech, high value-added accessories mainly rely on imports, such as transmission components, control components, only a serious shortage of engine and critical hydraulic parts, overcapacity and structural shortages contrast strongly, thus severely restricting the Chinese construction machinery to High-end technology products. It is worth mentioning that with the rapid development of the foundry industry in recent decades, the wearable parts manufacturers can not only produce their own wear-resistant castings, but also the castings are exported to foreign countries, and praised by foreign customers, attracted a lot of Russia, Indonesian customers to settle in the Chinese market. In the current materialistic, quick success, the foundry industry to have their own brand, do a good job brand economy is the mining machinery parts industry development direction.

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