Details Of Crusher Parts For Crusher

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Details Of Crusher Parts For Crusher

In this article, we will introduce some details of crusher wear parts for jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher. We think it is necessary for the users to know the structure of crusher machine.


First, jaw crusher wear parts

jaw crusher parts.jpg

As you can see in the picture above, jaw crusher wear parts include:

(1)Wear Casting Parts.Cheek Plate,Movable Jaw Plate,Fixed Jaw Plate,Toggle Jaw Plate, Adjust Wedge, Wedge Plate. All these parts are wear parts, which need exchange very often.Except for toggle plate, the others are manufactured by high manganese steel.

(2) Mechanical Parts. Eccentric Shaft, Balance Plate, Fly Wheel, Crusher Frame, Fixed Jaw Plate Shim, Retraction Spring, Groove Block and so on.. These parts do not need exchange very often.

cone crusher parts.jpg

Second, cone crusher wear parts

As you can see in the picture above, cone crusher wear parts include:

(1)Wear Casting Parts. Cone Liner and Bowl Liner. There are the regular replacement parts ,which also manufactured by high manganese,mn14,mn18 and mn22.

(2)Mechanical Parts. There are more mechanical parts than other types. Tramp Release Assembly, Eccentric Bushing, Main Frame, Main Frame Bushing, Feed Bowl Hopper, Gear And Pinion, Counter shaft, Kinds of Bolt, Adjustment Ring ,Dust Seal Ring and so on.

impact crusher parts.jpg

Third, impact crusher wear parts


As you can see in the picture above, impact crusher wear parts include:

(1)Wear Casting Parts. Blow bars and replaceable wear liners, which are manufactured by high chrome and need exchange regularly.

(2)Mechanical Parts. Rotor, Discharge Opening, Hydraulically Operated Crusher Service Door, Impact Curtain Adjusting Rods and so on.


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