Depth Interpretation Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

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Depth Interpretation Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts in the mine broken, gravel production line, building crushing is mainly used for a variety of ore crushed and broken. To meet the different needs, Dawn heavy jaw crusher main models: HJ high-energy jaw crusher, PE deep jaw crusher, PEW European version of jaw crusher, and even developed a mobile (portable jaw crusher )Jaw Crusher!

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts unique working principle

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts crushing method for the song squeeze type, the operating principle of the main simulation of animal movement of the two jaws. In the work, the motor drives the belt and the pulley, moves the movement jaw up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw rises, the angle between the brackets and the moving jaw becomes larger, so as to push the moving jaw towards the jaw plate, Plate between the extrusion, rubbing, grinding and so on to achieve multiple broken.

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts unique performance advantages

1. Deep cavity broken, energy efficient

Optimized deep cavity crushing, no dead zone, feed and crushing efficiency greatly improved, stand-alone energy saving 15% -30%, more than double the system energy saving.

2. Discharge adjustment range, a machine multi-purpose

Gasket-type discharge adjustment device, the discharge adjustment range, increasing the flexibility of the equipment used to meet a variety of customer processing requirements.

3. Strong bearing capacity and high stability

Larger forging processing heavy eccentric shaft, high manganese steel jaw plate and high cast steel jaw assembly, equipment carrying capacity is stronger, more stable.

Introduction of processing system of jaw broken production line

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts is usually not independent operation, but with the cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, etc. together constitute the overall sand processing system to achieve the precise processing of ore rock, improve product targeted , Increase its market value. Common production lines are: stone production lines and sand production lines.

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