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How To Deal With Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate Problems?
Jaw crusher as a more extensive use of crushing equipment, in the course of the work of the key parts of the Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate prone to serious wear and tear, thereby reducing the jaw plate life and jaw crusher efficiency. Zhejiang Shengda Machinery on the jaw crusher jaw plate wear serious causes and treatment measures for a detailed analysis and introduction.
How To Protect The Jaw Plate Of Jaw Crushers?
As we all know , Jaw crushers is composed of swing jaw plate and fixed jaw plate which forms the crushing chamber. In the actual production process, there will be a huge direct impact force between the materials and jaws plate, especially when crushing bigger and hardness material, it will make bolts vibration and nuts loose, jaw plate wear and tear and produce a great noise, badly jaw falls off or broken lead to the equipment stop running, affecting the normal production.
How To Improve The Lining Economy?
Your total cost can be reduced by making sure that the different lining parts are designed to minimize the number of maintenance stops. Preferably, the wear life of the lining parts should be balanced so that they can be replaced at the same time or have equal increments of wear life. This can, for instance, be done by modifying the design or by combining different materials (rubber, Poly-Met, metallic etc.).
What Are The Materials Used For The Impact Crusher Hammer?
Hammer is one of the most important wear parts of impact crusher, excellent product need qualified wear hammer. The material and casting process have important influence on the life of wear plate hammer. Proper hardness and impact toughness is the key factor to improve the wear resistance of crusher hammer.
How To Guarantee The Quality Of Crusher Wear Parts?
All the data we wil kept 3 years for tracing downStrict quality control system guarantee the quality of our products. And we have got no bad complain from our customers since 2003.

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