Brief Introduction Of The Use Of Wear-Resistant Castings Produced By Lost Foam Casting Pro

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Brief Introduction Of The Use Of Wear-Resistant Castings Produced By Lost Foam Casting Pro

Compared with the traditional casting process, EPC technology has unparalleled advantage, less investment, quick effects, it sets up a fresh wave in the foundry industry, many foundries have tried to use EPC technology to produce products in recent years, many manufacturers try to use the EPC process for producing wear-resistant castings, they generally reflect that there are many advantages when using casting technology to produce wear-resistant castings, and also there are deficiencies exist.
the advantages of using the EPC process for producing wear-resistant castings which from the specific circumstances of each manufacturers is following:

  1. Good casting surface quality, high precision casting size, less defects and smooth surface, which will help improve the wear resistance of casting;
  2. We can produce high manganese steel and alloy steel material series which from wear-resistant materials and small thin-walled high manganese steel castings, it can save manpower and energy when water quenched immediately after casting solidification;
  3. sand can be reused up to 96% when we use dry quartz sand and Baozhu sand, it can solve the chronic problem of waste sand, it makes environmentally friendly and low-carbon economy;
  4. For the mill diaphragm plate, grid plate and crusher grate plate, the castings become high precision size and more favorable when using EPC technology.
  5. For the small factory who has venues with a small EPC production process, it is more appropriate due to small space and less investment, fast effects and so on.

disadvantages of the use of wear-resistant castings produced by lost foam casting process

  1. slag discharge difficultly when heavy castings of lost foam
  2. carburizing easy to occured when low-carbon steel castings, it causes trouble in melting and heat treatment, and some manufacturers has solved some solution by pouring to adopt after the first firing process;
  3. EPC manufacturers should provide not only equipment, but also the casting process.
  4. Lost foam casting Riser should have design specification, it should promote the use of CAE analysis system for casting molding and solidification simulation to determine a reasonable gating system.

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