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What Are The Main Of The Jaw Crusher Wear Parts?

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts can also be called Jaw Crusher Wear Parts, jaw crusher is an important part of a certain period of time need to be replaced.

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts, chemical composition is stable, heat treatment process is reasonable, good wear resistance, high strength, quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

Jaw crusher commonly known as jaw broken, also known as tiger's mouth. By the jaw and jaw jaw two jaw plate composed of crushing chamber, simulate the animal's two jaw movement to complete the material crushing operation crusher. Widely used in mining smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries in a variety of ore and large pieces of material broken. As the equipment is compact and simple, very popular with consumers, equipment accessories are also very concerned about the topic of consumers. So what are the main parts of the Jaw Crusher Wear Parts?

Dental board: also known as the jaw plate, which is the main working parts of the jaw crusher. Jaw crusher tooth plate is the water toughness of the standard high manganese steel material, the tooth plate wear and tear are wear wear. Therefore, the tooth plate material to high hardness, wear resistance, anti-extrusion ability, the material on the tooth plate short-range sliding friction cutting is also small. Tooth plate material to toughness, anti-fracture ability, to reduce the tooth plate in the crushing material with the crushing process of brittle fracture, reduce the deformation of the tooth plate surface cracking.

Thrust plate: jaw crusher used in the thrust plate is assembled structure, it is a elbow and two elbow board head assembled after the assembly. Its main role is: First, the transmission of power, the power of its transmission is sometimes greater than the crushing force; Second, from the role of insurance, when the crushing chamber into the non-crushed material, the thrust plate first broken damage, thus protecting the machine other parts No damage; third is to adjust the size of the discharge port, and some Jaw Crusher Wear Parts is through the replacement of different length of the thrust plate to adjust the size of the discharge port.

Side guard: side guard plate is located between the fixed tooth plate and movable tooth plate, for the high quality high manganese steel castings, in the whole body is mainly to protect the jaw crusher frame wall.

Tooth plate: jaw crusher tooth plate are high quality high manganese steel castings, in order to extend its service life, its shape design into the upper and lower symmetry, that is, when the end of wear after the use of adjustable head. The activities of the tooth plate and fixed tooth plate is the main material used when the stone is broken, the movable tooth plate is installed on the moving jaw to protect the moving jaw.

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts work, the activities of the jaw plate for the fixed jaw for cyclical reciprocating motion, sometimes close, sometimes away. When approaching, the material is squeezed between the two jaws, splitting, shock and broken; when left, has been broken material by gravity and discharged from the discharge port.

In the process of breaking the huge stones into small stones, the first crusher is usually the "main" crusher. The longest and most rugged crusher is a Jaw Crusher Wear Parts. When feeding the jaw crusher, the material is poured into the crushing chamber containing the jaw teeth from the top entrance, and the jaw teeth pierced the material to the chamber wall with great power and broken it into smaller stones. Support the jaw movement is an eccentric shaft, this eccentric shaft through the body frame. Eccentric motion is usually caused by a flywheel fixed at both ends of the shaft. Flywheel and eccentric support bearings are often spherical roller bearings, bearings must withstand a huge impact load, abrasive sewage and high temperature.