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Wear And Selection Of Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

The wear of the Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate is a chisel wear. The tooth plate material is the standard high manganese steel by water treatment. Under the scanning electron microscope to observe the tooth plate grinding surface can be seen, the tooth plate surface is squeezed into the convex part of the material, and then by the abrasive puff to form a pressure tongue grinding, grinding surface can see a lot of abrasive sharp angle caused by short-range sliding Of the wear marks, and can see the tooth surface microcracks.

Analysis, Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate is the main reason for the abrasive relative to the tooth plate short-range sliding, cutting the metal caused by abrasive and abrasive repeated extrusion caused by Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate material deformation, resulting in fatigue loss of metal materials, wear failure process is:

1, repeated repeated squeeze chisel plate, in the tooth plate surface, or in the extruded metal part of the root of the formation of micro-cracks, the micro-cracks continue to expand to the connection, resulting in surface metal material off, the formation of debris.

2, the material repeated extrusion, resulting in tooth plate metal material is local fracturing or flip, the broken or flip part of the material along with the extrusion and fall off the formation of debris.

3, the material relative to the Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate short-range sliding, cutting tooth plate to wear debris.

So wear from the wear-resistant material control Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate wear is mainly hardness and toughness. Material hard, material extrusion depth shallow, material deformation is small, the material on the material short-term sliding of the cutting is also small. Material toughness is good, resistance to fracture ability, can eliminate the crushing process during the impact of brittle fracture, improve anti-fatigue deformation cracking ability.

Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate size specifications, different feed size, sharpness, the Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate extrusion, impact force is different, large and medium-sized extrusion force, in addition to the material should consider the anti-extrusion pressure and anti-sliding cutting, Should also be considered when the impact of the impact force and bending stress. Therefore, large-scale Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate selection should use high toughness, comprehensive performance and good material. From the above-mentioned wear failure analysis, we can see that for the tooth plate material should be selected high hardness material to resist extrusion, micro-cutting failure, select the toughness of the material to resist chisel impact fatigue failure. At the same time from the tooth plate structure to improve the material and the tooth plate to reduce the relative sliding, which is not only beneficial to improve productivity, but also to improve the useful life of the material is also useful.