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To Solve The Jaw Crusher Jaw Plate Wear Short Life Of The Method

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

To solve the jaw crusher jaw plate wear method: the new jaw plate must be fixed tight, installed, and the machine surface contact smooth. In addition, it is in the work process to pay attention to: the normal operation of the crusher before they can start feeding; broken materials should be added to the crushing chamber on average, should avoid the side of the feed or filled with feeding to prevent unilateral overload or overload; In case, the temperature rise of the bearing does not exceed 35 ℃, the maximum temperature does not exceed 70 ℃, such as more than 70 ℃ should immediately stop, identify the cause to be eliminated; before stopping, should first stop feeding work, to be broken cavity was broken After the full discharge, before the closure of the idea; in the broken, if the broken material caused by broken cavity caused by parking, should immediately close the idea, the material must be removed before resuming; tooth plate after the end of wear The material is subjected to the compression, impact and bending of the movable cone, and becomes the crushing chamber. The moving cone deviates from the fixed cone, and the material which has been crushed is used under the action of the self- Unloaded and discharged into the feed port 4 as the discharge port 3 material.

I Division for environmental protection and energy conservation products, the mining machinery Co., Ltd. R & D personnel that slag treatment and steel processing equipment will be the future of the two major potential market. Bearings must accept a huge impact load, abrasive sewage and high temperature. Can be in the jaw plate and the surface of the machine between the pad a layer of plastic material better; each batch into the crusher of the material should be sampling, in the event of material properties have a greater change, it is necessary to change the crusher Parameters, so that with the material into the match; jaw plate must use high hardness, wear resistance, strong resistance to the material; with mine broken production line of cement enterprises, the mine can be crushed and cement crushed the same type of wear jaw The plates are interchangeable; the worn jaws can be repaired by surfacing. Applicable to different hardness (Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 12 ore.

The general design of the circular vibrating screen is installed on the right side of the screen frame and can also be installed on the left side of the screen frame. If there is no special requirement, the factory will be supplied on the right side of the material movement direction. According to the material variety and user requirements, can be used high-manganese steel woven mesh, punching sieve and rubber sieve plate, sieve surface with a single layer and double two, all kinds of sieve can meet the screening efficiency, long life , Do not plug the requirements of the hole. Circular vibrating screen machine mainly screen box, screen, vibrator, vibration spring device, chassis and other components. Adjustment of the screen angle can be achieved by changing the spring seat height. The vibrator is mounted on the side panel of the screen box and is rotated by the coupling through the coupling to produce a centrifugal inertia force to force the sieve to vibrate. Screen is the main wearing parts. Sieve machine for the seat installation. Artificial sand is particularly suitable for the preparation of high strength grade concrete, high performance concrete and pumping concrete.