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The Difference Between Impact Hammer And Hammer

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

The Impact Hammer is a power tool that rotates and impacts. It is equipped with adjustable mechanism, when the adjustment ring in the rotation of the impactless position, the installation of twist drill bit on the metal drilling. When the adjustment ring in the rotation and impact with the location, with a carbide drill bit, in the brick, concrete walls, roof, the scene drilling.

The general drill only has the rotation mode, especially suitable for drilling on materials that require very small force, such as cork, metal, brick, tile, etc., and the Impact Hammer is common because they can use "single drill" mode You can use the "Impact Hammer" mode, so the professionals and their own hands, it is worth choosing the basic power tools.

The working principle of the Impact Hammer is to rely on the rotation and impact to work to produce continuous force, and a single impact is very slight, with BOSCH best-selling GSB13RE example, the impact frequency per minute 44800 times, resulting in continuous impact. So the Impact Hammer can be used for natural stone or concrete drilling.

The hammer relies on rotation and hammering to work. Single hammering force is very high, and a higher beat rate to BOSCH best-selling goods GBH2-22RE, for example, the load hammering frequency of 4400 minutes, a single hammer force 2.2 Joules, so every minute can produce significant force. Compared with the hammer, the Impact Hammer requires more pressure to drill into the hard material, so in the stone and concrete, especially the relatively hard concrete drilling, should use hammer. Some hammer and the impact of drilling on the difference is not obvious, so the purchase should be distinguished from the technical parameters.

Impact Hammer under normal circumstances can not be used for electric drill use: First, because the impact of drilling in the direction of the use of easy to grasp, prone to misuse, the hole is too large; Second, the drill is not sharp, so that the open hole is not neat, There are burrs or cracks; three even if there is a switch above, but also try not to drill, unless you use a dedicated drill bit, but because the drill speed is very fast, it is easy to make the hole black and drill bit heat, Thus affecting the life of the drill bit.