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Spring Impact Hammer Use Method

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

Spring impact hammer is mainly used for household and similar electrical products shell, operating rod, handle, knob, lights, lights and shades for mechanical strength test. There are two kinds of single energy impact type and universal impact hammer.

Spring impact hammer to use:

According to the relevant standards require a fixed sample, select the impact energy and test position, pull the impact of the operating handle, until the "click" sound, the impact device is in the pending state. The impactor is placed perpendicularly to and in contact with the sample surface, pushing the impactor to release it, and the impact test of the sample.

Spring impact hammer precautions

1. When not in use, the unit should be in a release state.

2. The device has been calibrated, the adjustment will seriously affect its accuracy, disassemble the product as a waiver of three bags of service.

3. After the spring is replaced or adjusted, the device must be calibrated by the measurement department.

4. The device for precision instruments, should be gently, to prevent falling.

5. Storage conditions: temperature 5 ~ 35 ℃ with a desiccant box.

6. Test, to prevent the hammer was ejected by the sample, the formation of multiple shocks.

8 different impact energy spring impact hammer to choose from: spring impact hammer 0.14J, spring impact hammer 0.20J, spring impact hammer 0.35J, spring impact hammer 0.50J, spring impact hammer 0.70J, spring impact hammer 1.00J, spring Impact hammer 1.50J, spring impact hammer 2.0J.