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Several Specific Methods To Improve The Yield Of Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

Crusher is characterized by: high chrome plate hammer, wear counterattack liner; unique tooth counterattack liner; especially for hard rock broken, energy efficient; product shape was cube, nesting particle size adjustable, simplified crushing process. Crusher in the broken will encounter some problems, affecting the broken ore, Zhengzhou Longding crusher factory is one of China's crusher manufacturers, the production of various crusher equipment product specifications complete specifications.

In recent years, the development prospects of crusher, crusher Jaw Crusher Wear Parts is widely used, is the mining machinery indispensable one of the crushing equipment. But for various reasons caused by Jaw Crusher Wear Parts production standards can not reach, how to solve this problem? How to improve the production of Jaw Crusher Wear Parts?

According to the long-term production experience of engineers found that the main reasons for the impact of the crusher production:

1) the hardness or toughness of the material being broken exceeds the scope specified in the operating instructions;

2) the motor wiring position reversed, the host open anti-car (moving jaw clockwise rotation), or motor triangular connection then star connection method;

3) the discharge port is less than the specified limit;

4) jaw plate displacement, tooth top and tooth top relative;

5) work site voltage is too low;

6) moving jaw and bearing wear after the gap is too large, so that the bearing outer ring relative rotation.

For the above reasons, our company has made some measures to improve the production of Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

A discharge port is adjusted to the nominal discharge port specified in the specification and to increase the crusher for crushing;

B exchange motor wiring; increase the workplace voltage, so that it adapts to the host overload requirements;

C replace or increase the crusher;

D check the tooth plate pitch size, if not meet the standard must be replaced jaw plate, adjust the fixed jaw plate and the relative position of the movable jaw plate to ensure that the tooth after the tooth root, fixed compression, to prevent displacement;

Replace the Jaw Crusher Wear Parts bearing or moving jaw.

Broken crusher crushing ratio, product size uniformity, simple structure, reliable, easy maintenance, low operating costs. Work, the motor through the pulley to drive the eccentric shaft rotation, so that move the jaw around the cycle, leaving the jaw, so the material extrusion, rubbing, grinding and other multiple broken, so that the material from small to small, gradually falling from the nest Mouth discharge. Operating factors will also affect the productivity of the crusher So, must follow the correct operating procedures, and constantly optimize the operation process, in order to under the same conditions, increase the crushing efficiency.