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Manganese Casting For Metal-Scraps Shredder From Shengda China

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 02, 2016

ShengDa offers a full line of Metal-Scraps shredders castings and successfully export to USA,Japan and Australian market for 9 years.Parts Items includes, but not limited as the following:

(1) Gate     

(2) Manganese Hammer

(3) Pin Protector   

(4) Side Liner

(5) Ejection Door  

(6) Anvil

(7) Caps

Features of casting:

  1. Design to customer requirement.

  2. Correct recommedation of casting chemistry depend on customer&drawing conditions

  3. Complete line for metal-scraps shredder machine castings.

  4. Successful export record and applications

  5. Very competitive price

  6. Excellent service before & after sales service