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Mainly Affect The Jaw Crusher Wear Parts Of The Five Factors

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Several factors that affect the crushing capacity of Jaw Crusher Wear Parts include: stone hardness, stone viscosity and humidity, the final material size, stone composition, crusher itself crushing pieces of quality.

1, the hardness of stone: the harder the harder the more difficult to break, the more serious wear and tear on the equipment, the slower the speed of crushing, the smaller the fragmentation capacity.

2, the viscosity of materials and humidity: that is, when the material contains a large amount of water, the material in the crusher easy to stick, but also easy to block the material during the delivery, resulting in reduced crushing capacity. The greater the viscosity, the smaller the fragmentation.

3, the final material size: the final broken stone requirements of the smaller particle size, the slower the crushing rate, the greater the impact of the smaller crushing capacity.

4, the basic composition of stone: crushed material before the powder contains more and more impact on the broken capacity, because the fine powder easy to affect the delivery of adhesion. For the fine powder content should be more than a sieve ahead of time, the other stone containing more impurities, will also affect the crushing capacity.

5, broken wear Jaw Crusher Wear Parts of the wear resistance of the better broken capacity, so be sure to choose the use of good quality wear parts.