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Hydraulic Impact Hammer Comprehensive Introduction

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017


ICE series impact hammer has a very high performance. Its acceleration ensures piling efficiency and very high yield. Hammer hitting energy, according to the pile model, pile diameter and soil hardness, adjust to the best setting. ICE NL series impulse hammer with very high quality standards and A-level accessories to manufacture it has a long working life and high efficiency.

Noise isolation

There are a lot of challenges to consider when building in a sensitive area of the city. ICE believes that the impact of the surrounding area and its neighbors needs to be considered in addition to the continuity of piling work. The ICE NL series Impact Hammer is equipped with a sophisticated sound isolation series that reduces the noise by about 10 dB compared to ordinary hammer. ICE NL Impact Hammer is committed to continuously improve their own noise isolation and work efficiency.

Hit the measurement series

We know that customers, partners and engineers are very concerned about the quality and accuracy of piling, so we provide a strike measurement system. The measurement system can record and report the pile head depth, pile bottom energy, piling time and the number of hits per station. Its built-in WIFI application can help operators to easily transfer data to another terminal, the exchange of information. Therefore, the pile data can be activated at any time and shared in seconds.