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How To Reduce The Counterattack Broken Boards In Hammer Wear?

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2017

     Hammer is an important component of the crusher, it is also the broken parts subject to wear. Depending on factors, the board hammer more or less subject to wear. The EV kit life hammer, hammer plate in addition to the material, we must also consider other factors.

        If the board hammer abnormal short life, usually because of the following reasons:
         1, the area around the plate hammer counterattack crushed material caking
         2, does not match the selection board material to be crushed with a hammer
         3, the setting and application of machine parameters do not match (for example, the rotor speed or      reduction ratio)
         So, how to reduce the impact crusher board hammer wear?
         1, thorough cleaning every day
         2, periodically check the board hammer, to ensure that work
         3, the entire crusher casing for regular inspection and maintenance
         4. Select and conditions consistent with hammer
         5, adjust all machine parameters according to operating conditions (rotor speed, the opening gap, etc.)
         How to install the correct hammer?
         1, check the dirt level, remove the rotor plate hammer and tensioning means adhering loose dirt
         2. Use the right tools and the right spreader hoisting, for example, block and tackle
         3. Use only with rotation of the rotor of the rotor device (if possible)
         4, prohibiting removal of rotor protection device