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How To Guarantee The Quality Of Crusher Wear Parts?

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 14, 2016

Modern society ,the quality of product is very important for an factory. It decided whether you can survive in the competitive how does shengda machinery control the product quality of the crusher wear parts? Here are some measures we take:

  1. We have secure testing every time when we pruchasing raw material;

  2. Before taping and  pouring,we make two components testing pre reflow & Post reflow testing;

    and have very strictly control on pouring temperature and have a record;

  3. Heat treatment process is the most important regarding to quality control, we strictly follow Metso's Standards. For we have cooperated with Metso(Quzhou)

  4. We taken metallurgraphic analysis on each casting after heat treatment.

  5. Each item before delivery should be examined carefully about key dimensions

  6. All the data we wil kept 3 years for tracing down

    Strict quality control system guarantee the quality of our products. And we have got no bad complain from our customers since 2003.