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Cone Crusher Wear Parts Selection Error Will Accelerate The Consumption Of Equipment

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

The company can be processed according to customer demand for the production of Cone Crusher Wear Parts, including rolling mortar wall, broken wall, moving cone liner, cone and other wear-resistant accessories.

Cone Crusher Wear Parts in the battlefield and mining industries in the daily use of the workload of a lot of content, a large increase in the cost of labor and staff costs. So for some broken grinding industry users want accessories can be used longer, so not only can increase the efficiency of the crusher, and can effectively save costs.

Cone Crusher Wear Parts Rolling wall material selection with the equipment working conditions, broken materials, working time varies, select the mortar wall material in addition to the above points, should also consider the construction technical requirements, site conditions and the surrounding environment. Usually selected cone crushed mortar wall material to meet the work requirements, or not only can not meet the construction requirements will accelerate the loss of mortar wall.

Cone broken in the processing of broken pebbles, mainly by the rolling wall of the broken wall, a good rolling wall broken wall must have a strong wear resistance, or life will be very short, need regular maintenance replacement, increased cost Do not say, but also affect the normal production, therefore, choose a strong wear resistance of the mortar wall broken wall is the production of the most important.

So what kind of conical breakage is good and durable? In the actual production, people summed up the experience, good wear resistance of the quality of the mortar wall broken wall should have such a feature: the material size is small, uniform grain, production capacity, life of more than 18,000 tons , Supporting power is small, the process is simple, simple structure, easy maintenance, smooth operation and so on.

I plant production of Cone Crusher Wear Parts rolling sand wall broken walls are the formal production of qualified products, quality and cheap, customers all over the north and south, tapered parts have now been widely used in the production of sand production lines, cement, Metallurgy and other industries.