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The Main Performance Of Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts are broken equipment in the basic equipment, our company as a focus on mine equipment production leading enterprises, the degree of familiarity of the jaw crusher is such as Paoding Jie cattle, this article for everyone to introduce the main jaw crusher zero Component performance.

1, jaw crusher flywheel

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts of the flywheel to save the movement of the jaw empty when the energy, and then for industrial formation, so that the mechanical work tends to be uniform; pulley also plays the role of flywheel. Flywheel often made of cast iron or cast steel, minicomputer flywheel often made of integral. Flywheel manufacturing, installation should pay attention to static balance.

2, jaw crusher frame

The frame is a four-walled rigid frame with upper and lower openings for the reaction of the eccentric shaft and subjected to crushed material. It requires sufficient strength and rigidity. It is usually cast with cast steel. The small crusher can also be replaced with high quality cast iron instead of cast steel. Mainframe racks need to be cast, and then bolted firmly into the whole, the casting process is complex.

3, Jaw Crusher Wear Parts adjustment device

Adjust the device with wedge type, pad type and hydraulic type, the general use of wedge type. Adjust the device wedge has two wedges before and after the composition, the front wedge can move back and forth, withstand the rear push plate; after the wedge to adjust the wedge, can move up and down. The wedges of the two wedges are joined backwards, and the rear wedges are moved up and down by the screw to adjust the outlet size. The movement of the small jaw crusher is achieved by increasing the number of shims between the thrust bearing and the bracket.

4, Jaw Crusher Wear Parts jaw plate and side guards

Both the jaw and the jaw are composed of jaw beds and jaws, and the jaws are working parts, fixed with bolts and wedge screws on the jaw bed. Jaw jaw bed is the front wall of the frame, moving E-jaw bed hanging on the shaft, due to bear a strong crushing force, so mostly cast steel or cast iron pieces.

5, Jaw Crusher Wear Parts transmission parts

Eccentric shaft is the main shaft of the crusher, need to bear the huge bending torque, made of high carbon steel. Eccentric parts need to be processed, heat treatment, bearing lining with Pasteurite casting. Eccentric shaft end with wheel, the other end of the flywheel.

6, Jaw Crusher Wear Parts lubrication device

Eccentric shaft bearings are usually lubricated with concentrated circulation. Spindle and thrust plate support surface generally use grease through the manual oil gun to the oil. Moving jaw swing angle is very small, so that the spindle and the bearing between the lubrication difficult, often in the bottom of the bearing to open a number of axial oil groove, the middle of a ring to the oil tank to connect, and then forced into the oil pump lubrication.

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts is the earlier crushing equipment, I should be the market demand, in the past few years the constant reform and innovation, has developed a coarse E, fine jaw crusher, complete product specifications, welcomed the new and old customers To visit the factory.