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Jaw Crusher Guard Plate Three Frequently Asked Questions

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Jaw crusher inside the machine under the two guards, we have never seen it, the following quickly write Jaw Crusher Guard Plate knowledge at a glance it 

Jaw Crusher Guard Plate of the moving plate and static E side of the board there are two guards, many customers will ask these two shields can not, because they think this will increase the cost of the machine, but also for the late machine Maintenance to increase the cost of spending, but the ancients said, sharpening the workers do not mistake, Huashan sword on the premise that your sword to be extremely sharp, big girl on the car but also dressing some of the two, The role of the plate with a large, in the movement when the movement of the ice, the stone back and forth crash can not help but there will be gravel out of the machine, when the feed if there is no barrier to block, there will be out of the material exposed one after another, not only Waste of resources but also spend energy to collect the lost material, not only troubles also affect the jaw crusher production, in addition to the shield of the block, not only reduces the material leakage, but also increased but the crusher Production, improve the flexibility of the jaw crusher, extending the life of the jaw crusher, well, so far, jaw crusher two shields are indispensable, absolutely can not be overlooked!

1, the nature of the broken material has changed, but the jaw crusher did not make timely adjustments: each batch of materials into the crusher should be sampling, once the nature of the material has a greater change, it is necessary to change the crusher Of the parameters, so that with the incoming material to match; Jaw Crusher Guard Plate must use high hardness, wear resistance, strong resistance information.

The following are the same as the "

2, jaw crusher eccentric shaft speed too fast, has been broken over the material too late to remove, resulting in crushing chamber obstruction, jaw plate wear. The worn jaw plate can be used to repair the welding method.

3, Jaw Crusher Guard Plate and the machine appearance is not smooth: the new jaw plate must be fixed tight, the device must be and the appearance of the machine smooth touch. Can be in the jaw plate and the appearance of the machine pad between a layer of plastic better information.

The above is for everyone to introduce the Jaw Crusher Guard Plate of the three common problems, hoping to help everyone.