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What's the key factors of service life of crusher hammer?

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 10, 2017

  In general ,the more hard of the hammerhead ,its wear resistance is improved ,thus to improve the wear-resistance of the hammer ,to increase its hardness ,but with the increase in hardness ,the impact toughness will be reduced .Therefore ,in order to take into account the hammerhead suitable hardness and good impact toughness ,can adopt the composite hammer.
  Hammer manufacturing process is also the key factor of its using life,if the hammer surface or internal manufacturing defects ,such as shrinkage ,cracking ,transgranular ,will not only reduce the hammer performance ,even will cause the hammer head fracture. Therefore ,the hammer production must make reasonable casting and heat treatment technology.
  3 .hammerhead structure design
  Different structure and geometry of the hammer ,its heat treatment mechanical properties ,internal microstructure varies considerably ,and the wear resistance have great influence ,especially the thickness ,size large hammer effect is more prominent. Hammer more thick ,the hardenability is worse,its wear resistance is poor,because the hammer internal abrasion resistance was significantly lower than the surface,so to the thick hammer,only with the reasonable casting and heat treatment process to improve the situation,but the means would limited the wear resistance,the best approach is optimizing structure in does not change the hammer blow performance and the strength,not only can improve the utilization rate of the hammerhead,but aslo can reduce the structure on heat treatment performance,avoid the abrasion resistance drop.
  4.crushing machine technical parameters
  Crusher power and speed directly reflects the hammer velocity and impact force, they are not only related to the crusher production capacity,but also related to the hammer impact hardening degree .Low speed ,not only the productivity is low ,but aslo the kinetic energy is low ,cause the hammer impact hardening bad ,poor wear resistance; speed is too high ,although the hammer to obtain better shock hardening ,equipment productivity .But cause the hammer ,bar and liner wear strong .Therefore ,should determine a reasonable speed ,in order to improve the working hardening degree of hammers ,reduce the abrasion.
  5. lumpiness and hardness of material
  The greater the block of material ,the toughness of the demand shoould be higher. Different models of the crusher is suitable to the material granularity ,which will prolong the service life of the hammer.
  6.crushing machine internal clearance
  Crusher internal gap mainly refers to the gap between rotor body and back plate ,bar and hammer head ,the gap size is related to whether there is accumulated material  nearby the bar and safety door. If the accumulated material existence ,and hammerhead can not pressure under accumulated material from the grate bars ,the hammer will be serious friction and wear. Therefore ,in the use of the process ,must often adjust each part of the gap ,in order to ensure it is in the proper range.