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Wear Resistant Manganese/Chrome/Bimetal Hammer for Stone Crusher

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

·         Casting Method: Sand Casting

·         Casting Form Material: Sand

·         Casting Metal: Cast Iron

·         Casting Form Usage Count: Semi-permanent

·         Surface Treatment: Sand Blast

·         Surface Roughness: According to Requirement

·         Coating: According to Requirement

·         Machining Tolerance: According to Requirement

·         Standard: According to Requirement

·         Certification: ISO 9001:2008, BV Certification, Products Patents

·         Hardness:<=229hb

·         Processing Technology: Sand Casting Process

·         Chemical Control: Spectrum Analyser

·         OEM: Accepted

·         Heat Treatment: Water Toughening, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering

·         Quality Control: Ultrasonic Fault Dectector

·         Delivery: About 35 Days After Deposit

·         Port:Ningbo/Shanghai Port

·         Supply Capacity:700 Tons Per Month

·         Warranty: One Year Against Quality Defects

·         Trademark: SD

·         Specification: According to drawings

·         Origin:Jinhua,Zhejiang, China(Mainland)

·         HS Code:84749000

Product Description

wear resistant manganese/chrome/bimetal hammer for stone crusher 

Product introduction:

 The most important characteristic of high manganese hammer is that the surface of the hammer will rapidly appear hardening phenomenon under the condition of strong shocks extrusion, making its heart remain the austenite of good toughness and hardening layer with good wear resistance property. This is impossible for the other materials to get this property. But the wear resistance of high manganese hammer is only under the condition of work hardening to form the harder surface.
   High manganese hammers: while casting, we not only add molybdenum, vanadium,titanium,nickle,boron and otherrare alloy elements. Meantime, we specially adopt variety of alloy modifier to strengthen the matrix. Those hammers use refining, vacuum casting, directional solid and etc technicals to increase the grain refinement and make the hammers performance achieve the best performance.

Features of high manganese crusher hammer
1)   Perfect and technical design.   Hammer designing plays a significant role in crusher efficiency.  The hammers do most of the work in most types of crusher.  Our hammer is tailor design for each customer as per technical drawing.
2)   Science design of the hammer's center of gravity.  The center of gravity must be controlled to utilize the full mass of the hammer against the feeds. Our products had been tested by many site testing. They are welcome among the world.
3)  Edge configuration of the hammer head.  The edges of each hammer had specially treat to get the maximum serving life
4)  Heat treating:  Hammer hardness is most essential factor for the hammers' serving life.  Our hammer heat treatment are quenching, tempering,anneal.
ese hammer is only under the condition of work hardening to form the harder surface.




















1,Allowed to add micro scale V,Ti,B and RE etc.

2,We can product the other grade high Mn hammer   according to customers' requirement



Stretch property



elongation Rate















Company information:

Our company is a professional manufacturer of wear-resistant materials and anti-friction materials. Our company was established in 1993 and has passed ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management Certification.

   Our business scope covers bimetal thermal-composite materials, a series of alloyed and super high-Manganese hammers, a series of medium high alloy steel materials and a series of high-chromium alloy iron wear-resistance products such as hammer heads, board hammers, hammer block lining plates and comb plates.

   We developed the following series of products with our hard work in science and research projects:

   In 1998 the alloyed super high-manganese hammer was launched into Chinese market. It won the honor of "Hard stone killer" with its excellent properties and high cost performance. 
  In 2002 the super high-manganese materials series were developed and the spare parts of crushers and mill equipment supplied by globally famous companies (such as Germany Aubema, Krupp & Hazemag) were made in China.

   In 2004, bimetal thermal-composite wear-resistance materials (China Patent No. 200810049101) were developed, and we have whole intellectual property. We successfully combined two different features of high-hardness materials and high-ductile materials together for the whole work. Thus our products are featured by abrasion resistance and impact resistance with excellent performance. Our products are especially applied to the hammers and board hammers of large crushers and the lining plates of large ball mills with remarkable effects particularly when our products are used in harsh environment for many crushing fields such as limestone, cement, clinker, sand stone, coal, spoil basalt and others.

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