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The basic structure of cone crusher and its working principle

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 07, 2017
The crushing of the cone crusher is basically the same as that of the rotary crusher. But also with the movable cone and fixed cone between the working surface to the mine. The movable cone is supported on the spherical bearing and is fixed on a suspended vertical shaft with the vertical shaft placed in the eccentric sleeve and the eccentric sleeve is placed on the thrust bearing.
  The movable cone is driven by the eccentric sleeve together with the vertical shaft, and the eccentric shaft is driven by the horizontal axis and the pulley and by the bevel gear. The pulley is driven by the motor by the V-belt. The lower part of the vertical shaft is fitted into the eccentric sleeve, and when the eccentric sleeve is rotated, a conical surface is drawn by the shaft. So the cone is close to the fixed cone when the ore is crushed. The chassis consists of two parts, with bolts. In the bolt with a strong spring, the role of the spring when the metal or other hard objects fall into the crushing chamber, will not damage the crusher (such as the spindle, etc.). If there is a metal block or other hard objects (nuts, drill bits, etc.) and the ore into the crushing chamber, the fixed cone is lifted, the discharge port can be increased. Sometimes the cone crusher is the use of hydraulic (or hydraulic) device to adjust the size of the discharge port.
  The ore is routed through the distribution board into the machine, and the distribution plate is mounted on the upper end of the vertical axis. The vibrations are obtained due to the rotation of the vertical axis, and the ore is evenly distributed around the cone. By means of a hinge and hinge with a handle, the movable cone is raised or lowered to adjust the width of the discharge port. The parts are made of cast steel, moving cone and fixed cone of the face inlaid with manganese steel liner to protect the cone from wear and tear, liner can be replaced after wear, replacement, the liner and the cone between the melting Of the lead so that they are tightly bonded.
  Crushing cone crusher, also known as short head cone crusher, or called "round mill". It is basically the same as the structure of the broken cone crusher, the only difference between the movable cone and the shape of the fixed cone. Short head cone crusher of the movable cone and fixed cone are relatively short, and the parallel between the two tapes is relatively long, to the mine mouth and the discharge port is relatively small, so you can get smaller products (5-10 mm) 
  In addition to the standard and short head conical crusher, there is a medium-sized conical crusher between them, both for medium and broken. Standard, medium, short head cone crusher is the main difference between the cross-sectional shape of the broken cavity. Therefore, the ore grain size and ore grain size are also different.