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New casting technology of crusher wear parts

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

EPC (also known as solid casting) is combined with the similar size and shape to casting wax model or foam bonded into the cluster model, brushing fire-resistant paint and after drying, buried in the dry sand quartz vibration modeling, negative pressure under pouring, so that the model gasification, liquid metal to occupy the position of the model.


The history of EPC

  • In 1958, the United States people—- H.F.shroyer , get the patent and technology that manufacturing foam metal casting pattern  (Patent No. USP2830343).

  • In 1961 Germany Grunzweig and Harrtmann purchased this patented technology to applied in industry.

  • 1967 Germany A.Wittemoser using magnetized iron pellets  instead of silica sand as a molding material, a magnetic field as a “binder.” This is the so-called “magnet type casting.”

  • In 1971, Japan’s Nagano invented the V-method (vacuum casting), EPC in many places using vacuum approach to fixed sand.

  • In 1980, before the use of binder-free dry sand process must be the United States’ real casting company “(Full Mold Process, Inc)” approval. After this, the patent is invalid. LFC in full the world has been rapid development.

  • In 1990, the US General Motors Saturn established a new annual output of 55,000 tons of foundry, has three fully automated production line EPC.

  • In 1991, the Italian company Fiat in Turin to build Europe’s largest EPC production workshop, the annual output of 15,000 tons.

  • In 1993, Germany’s BMW to build an annual output of 200,000 all kinds of aluminum alloy cylinder head EPC production line.

  • In 2001, the US general SMCO built the world’s most advanced and largest EPC foundry.


The Main Advantage

  •  Casting size and shape very perfect, can be similar as precision casting.

  • Good casting surface.

  • Cancel the sand core and core making Industry, decrease the rate of waste products.

  • No Substandard tank, no modulo, which also decrease the rate of waste.

  • Greatly simplifying the sand handling system, all of the sand can be reused.

  •  Shakeout is extremely easy and greatly reduce the workload off the sand and labor intensity.

  • No flash burr, surface finish workload reduced by more than 50%.

  • Can set reasonable shape in an ideal position Riser, without typing constraints modulus and other traditional factors, reducing the internal defects in castings.

  • Combination of casting, greatly improving process yield and productivity of the casting.

  • Mold life to use up to more times, reduced mold fee.

The Main Disadvantage

  • Cockle Defect.When temperature too high, the polystyrene foam decompose out carbon, which may be stored in the cavity and outside the casting parts.

  • Carbon black.When the Carton content(C%), more than 3.8%, it will appear.

  • Porosity defects.

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