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Manganese Steel Casting

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2017


    Wear & Abrasion Resistant Castings: Also known as Manganese Steel castings, this grade of castings are used for industries which have high wear and abrasion. Manganese Steel is one of the most versatile Alloy Steel for Wear and Abrasion Resistant applications. There are two varieties of Manganese Steel depending on the content of Manganese viz. 11-14% and 16-18% content. Austenitic Manganese Steel has the property of getting the jobs hardness to levels of 350 - 500 BHN during their use depending on the severity of impact. We have developed and catered to various International standards like American, Japanese, German and British standards. In addition we have also developed superior grades than Manganese Steel with the help of our Technical Collaborators, M/s Kurimoto Ltd., Japan in High Carbon High Chromium as well as Low Alloy Steel varieties giving 2 to 3 times better service life than the conventional Manganese Steel in applications having low impact wear abrasion. We have also developed our own specifications within the framework of International standards to obtain optimum performance levels. The industries catered to for this grade of castings are Cement Industry, Mining, Mineral Processing & Crushing Industry, Material Handling,Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturers etc. 

    Alloy Steel & Carbon Steel Castings: Varieties of Alloy Steel and Carbon Steel castings are being manufactured by us in accordance to National and International standards conforming to metallurgical and non-destructive testing standards. Low alloy steel conforms to high strength high ductile varieties, creep resistant steel varieties and Quenched & Tempered high hardness varieties as well. These castings are manufactured for the Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturers, which call for different International Standard of qualities laid down by TEREX, CATERPILLAR, MARION, KOMATSU, HITACHI etc. The castings can be supplied in un-machined, proof machined or fully machined conditions with various non-destructive testing's like Radiography with Iridium 192 and Cobalt60 sources, Ultrasonic 1000A and 4000A Magnetic particle testing and dye penetration testing. These castings are many a times depending on the applications are subjected to surface hardening treatment. High Alloy steel castings are of a special variety of Corrosion Resistant and heat resistant. Industries catered to for this grade of castings are Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Tyre Mold Industry, Plastic Injection Molding Industry, Heavy Valves Manufacturers, Heavy Electrical and Hydro-Turbine Manufacturers, Thermal Power Plants, Mining & Mineral Processing and General Engineering Industry. 

    Precision Shell Molding Castings : Varieties of High Precision Castings with complex shapes, very less or no machining allowance, excellent surface finish of 6.3 to 12 microns are manufactured by Shell Molding process. The castings can be of Carbon Steel, Manganese Steel, Low & High Alloy Steels including Heat Resistant Cast Steel and High Chromium Cast Iron conforming to IS, BS, ASTM, DIN, JIS or any other International Standards can be manufactured. General tolerances obtained by Shell Molding process depends on various factors like size, shape of castings and at times on the alloys being used. Industries catered to are Iron Ore Pelletisation & Sintering Plants, Power Stations for Ash handling, Mining Equipment and Cement Industry.

We have gained considerable exposure and experience in International Quality Standards and requirements of castings by supplying to countries like Japan, Middle East, Canada, Spain, Australia, Germany, UK, USA just to name a few. Our constantly developing R&D Laboratories and our Quality Policy make our Castings adhering to International Standards and Quality with high productivity ratio.

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