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Analysis of Overload Protection Device of Jaw Crusher

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 06, 2017

There are many factors that affect the working of the jaw crusher, but the impact of the overload problem is the most common and the deepest. When the strength of the material to be broken more than 300MPa, if there is no safe and reliable overload protection device, the normal operation of the equipment can not be guaranteed, crushing a variety of major parts of the broken parts will be inevitable. We believe that the current market, jaw crusher commonly used overload protection devices are the following :

Overlap type overload protection device

The overload protection device is mainly in the top of the bracket set a low strength, easy to diagnose the point. Once the jaw crusher has an overload problem, the "point" will be due to the sharp rise in stress to its tolerance limit and "forced" break, crusher power transmission because of the rupture of the brackets and automatically cut off, and thus avoid crusher The key parts of the damage. But the brackets are generally cast iron material, can not accurately calculate and control its mechanical wave dynamic, but can not be its quantitative point of quantitative control, so sometimes overload and can not protect the problem. And once the brackets rupture, you need to stop the necessary cleaning and facelift, the operation process will be interrupted.

Fahrenheit limited moment protection device

The protection device mainly by the hydraulic friction clutch, spring friction clutch, safety pin and other devices, the current swing in the jaw crusher above the access to more applications. The main function of the friction clutch is to ensure that the torque is always within the normal range. Once the crusher is overloaded, the critical torque is reached and the flywheel slides freely on the shaft to avoid torque transmission exceeding the permissible value. However, temperature and other external conditions will limit the reliability of the protection device, and once overload, follow-up of the barrier, maintenance and other work more cumbersome.

Hydraulic overload protection device

The protection device mainly by the cylinder, energy storage device, plunger fuel injection pump, cam device, hydraulic regulator, action valve, filter, fuel tank and other components. Fixed E fixed, fixed in the equipment on the wall of the box. The motor through the pulley, driven eccentric wheel rotation, which led to move E to do complex movement, broken material. The hydraulic cylinder piston rod and the liner are connected, and the spring rod is hinged at the lower end of the movement, which determines the size of the discharge port and the size of the broken material particles. When the crushing chamber encountered crushing strength exceeds the set value of the material, the hydraulic cylinder piston quickly retracted back, increase the discharge port, making high-strength materials from the discharge port eventually discharged. When the high-strength materials automatically discharged by their own weight, the hydraulic control system quickly action, to the right side of the hydraulic cylinder fuel, making the piston left to the limit position, to restore normal work.


The working load of the jaw crusher has a very large fluctuation, especially the working peak load is usually about 3 times to 4 times the normal working condition. Therefore, the design of the overload protection device of the jaw crusher must be reliable, stable and responsive Sensitive.

On the other hand,choose the high quality jaw crusher wear parts also can protect jaw crusher to get more longer span-life.