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Jaw Plate Material Selection

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 28, 2017

The impact of jaw plate wearable reason is mainly wear-resistant material hardness and toughness. 

① material is too hard, the material extrusion depth is shallow, the material deformation is small, the material for material short-range sliding chisel cut is also small; 

② material toughness, resistance to fracture ability, can eliminate squeezing impact process brittle fracture, improve anti-fatigue deformation Cracking ability. The two cable is sometimes contradictory, how to match is a very difficult subject.

China’s jaw crusher size specifications are different, feed size, sharpness different (different shapes), the tooth plate extrusion, impact force is different. Large and medium-sized jaw crusher crushing pressure, in addition to considering the anti-extrusion materials and anti-sliding cutting, but also should consider the impact by the impact force and bending stress. Therefore, large jaw crusher tooth plate is usually used ZGMn13Cr2 modified high manganese steel. For the jaw plate material should be selected high hardness materials to resist extrusion, micro-chisel failure, and also have sufficient toughness to resist the chipping impact fatigue failure. At the same time from the jaw plate structure to improve the material and the jaw plate to reduce the relative sliding, which not only to improve productivity, but also to improve the life of the material is also useful for China’s small jaw crusher jaw manufacturing Material is mainly high manganese steel, very few factories producing low-alloy cast iron jaw pull. Low-alloy cast iron due to low toughness, the use of prone to fracture. The use of high-manganese steel, small jaw, the use of the fork because of the impact is too small, the phenomenon of hardening is not obvious, its excellent wear resistance does not come out, jaw plate service life is very short, usually 200-400h, Annual consumption of a large number of high manganese steel. Therefore, to find new materials to improve their service life, reduce material consumption has been particularly concerned about.
The role of the mill to the miners is to be grinding materials and grading back to the sand quickly into the lattice mill to the ministry is a hollow shaft with the end cap, the joint feeder, fan liner and journal sleeve and other components . The lattice ball mill barrel part is composed of a cylinder body, a flange plate, a lining plate, a screw and a manhole cover. The barrel is the main part of the mill, is welded by the steel plate. In order to facilitate the replacement of lattice ball mill liner and check the situation inside the cylinder, the barrel is left with two symmetrical configuration of the manhole, manhole sealed with a lid, the lid is fixed with screws on the cylinder. Both ends of the cylinder cover welded with a flange, the flange of the mouth and end cover abutting, positioning with a pin, and then bolted evenly. Lining with bolts together in the cylinder, in order to prevent the pulp wear the cylinder shell, lining plate staggered in the cylinder arrangement. Lattice ball mill liner and the cylinder pad between the heat-resistant alkali-resistant rubber sheet, a buffer ball on the impact of the cylinder and the lining board and the wall to help the role of close fit. In order to prevent the feed material along the screw J ‘hole out, under the nut and a gasket and a gasket ring. Lattice mill liner in addition to protecting the main mill is not wear, it also has to enhance the role of the media. Lattice ball mill to the ministry.
The inner surface of the end cover is coated with a fan-shaped manganese steel liner plate, and a certain clearance gap between the liner plates of the lattice ball mill is arranged for easy installation and disassembly, and the liner plate is fixed directly to the end cover with a screw. The hollow journal is inlaid with an inner surface with a spiral blade (also has an inner sleeve without a spiral blade, mainly depending on the thickness of the hollow journal), the middle of the lattice ball mill is covered with a liner, the inner sleeve protects the hollow The journal is not worn, spiral blade with the cylinder rotation of the material into the cylinder, in order to prevent the inner sleeve and cylinder relative rotation, with screws to fix it in the hollow journal of the end, the miner is fixed with screws At the end of the inner sleeve.