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How to protect the jaw plate of jaw crushers

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 08, 2017

As we all know , Jaw crushers is composed of swing jaw plate and fixed jaw plate which forms  the crushing chamber. In the actual production process, there will be  a huge  direct impact force between the materials and jaws plate, especially when crushing bigger and  hardness material, it will make  bolts vibration and nuts loose, jaw plate wear and tear and produce a great noise, badly jaw falls off or broken lead to the equipment stop running, affecting the normal production.

5.齿板jaw plate.jpg

Therefore, in order to protect jaw plate, jaw crusher is generally mounting wear liner which is also known as broken boards in the surface of fixed jaw plant and swing jaw plant. When  jaw crusher works, the wearing level of the two ends of wear plate is different, and the lower plate could wears out faster than the upper; the broken boards directly forces in the material to withstand the great crushing force and friction of  materials, able to prolong  the service life of YIFAN JC Series jaw crusher. 


At the same time, jaw plate is the greatest consumed part in the production process, so the choice of jaw plate must be strict to the quality of metal material. It can be said that a single jaw crusher quality is actually used under the jaw plate life span. If using the good quality jaw plate, working life of jaw crusher will comparatively longer. Here is a brief introduction of jaw plates of jaw crusher as below:


1. Using cold-hardening technology, high hardness.

2. Use manganese alloys, high degree of resistance to abrasion, the longer service life.

3. Water toughening process, avoiding performance deteriorated by the phase transformation occurs naturally.

4. Before delivery, all parts must be passed strict sampling of laboratories and quality control section, quality assurance.

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