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How to improve the lining economy?

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 11, 2017

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The overall cost of a mill lining is determined largely by the cost associated with installation and maintenance. A drop in production, scheduled as well as unscheduled, can prove very expensive.

Some lining parts in a mill are more exposed to wear than others, and the wear life of the mill lining components can therefore be very different. This means that fully utilizing the wear life of all lining parts in a mill may not be the most optimal solution since it can lead to added downtime and production loss.

How to improve the lining economy?

Your total cost can be reduced by making sure that the different lining parts are designed to minimize the number of maintenance stops. Preferably, the wear life of the lining parts should be balanced so that they can be replaced at the same time or have equal increments of wear life. This can, for instance, be done by modifying the design or by combining different materials (rubber, Poly-Met, metallic etc.).

It might be more cost efficient to replace lining parts that are not fully worn out at the same time as worn out parts to avoid additional maintenance stops. After all, the purchase price of a mill lining often accounts for only a fraction of the cost for lost production in the replacement of liners.

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