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Heat Treatment of Crusher Wear Parts

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2017

The purpose of wear-resistant chrome steel castings heat treatment is to get high strength and toughness and high hardness of the martensite matrix to improve the strength of steel,toughness and wear resistance.The cast structure is to eliminate carbide crystal grain boundaries within and to obtain single phase austenite,high manganese steel wear-resistant castings improve the stength and toughness ,to expand its scope of application.

Crusher Wear Parts Preheating Treatment

In order to shorten the heat treatment cycle, can be used to cast high-manganese steel heat treatment. The process is: casting in ll00 ~ 1180. C when the mold removed from the mold in addition to core sand, the casting temperature allowed to cool to 900 ~ 1000. C, and then loaded into the heated to l050.1080. C of the furnace insulation 3 ~ 5h after the water-cooled. The treatment process simplifies the heat treatment process, reducing the casting in the type of cold N pa 3, but the production operation on a certain degree of difficulty. Table 11-18 shows the mechanical properties of high manganese steel samples with different heat treatments.

Crusher Wear Parts Precipitation Strengthening Heat Treatment

Wear-resistant high manganese steel precipitation heat treatment purpose is to join the appropriate amount of carbide forming elements (such as molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, titanium, niobium and chromium), through the heat treatment method in high manganese steel in a certain number and size Of the dispersion of the second phase carbide particles, strengthening the austenitic matrix, to improve the anti-wear properties of high manganese steel. But this heat treatment process is more complex, and to increase production costs.

Crusher Wear Parts Solution Heat Treatment

Water toughness of wear-resistant high-manganese steel as-cast structure in a large number of precipitated carbides, so its toughness is low, easy to use in the fracture. Wear-resistant low-alloy steel castings are usually 850 to 950 quenching, 200 to 300 tempering, in order to obtain high strength and toughness, high hardness martensite matrix, improve the wear resistance of steel wear parts.