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How to choose the hammer of hammer crusher?

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

How to choose the hammer of hammer crusher?


First, study the material of hammer crusher hammer

Second, study the structure design of hammer crusher hammer

Third, study the manufacturer technology of hammer crusher hammers

Fourth, study the technical parameters of hammer crusher

Fivth, study the feeding condition of hammer crusher


Here are some methods about how to extended service life of the hammer of hammer crusher:

First, according to eh design model, control the feed size appropriately, it is forbidden to put the material into the machine which size is larger than the maximum limit of the crusher.

Second, choose the appropriate feeding device, such as the plate feeder and vibrating feeder. Guarantee the stability of feeding process, avoiding cause bad impact to equipment.

Third, before replace the hammer ,you would better measure the weight of crusher hammer, divide the hammers into different groups according the their weight. The hammers in the same group should have the same weight, so when operating ,the machine rotor could keep balance.

Fourth, after closing crusher, you should check the clearance between hammer and screen. If necessary, you should adjust the clearance.


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