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Casting V production of wear-resistant castings has six advantages

Zhejiang Shengda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 08, 2017

 Casting V production of wear-resistant castings has six advantages, these advantages are as follows:
        1) The surface looks smoothly in good quality casting appearance, it can reduce the adverse effects of cosmetic defects, improve the wear resistance favorable; As the sand has been kept in a vacuum state, the cavity deformation is not easy to change ,so it is conducive to liquid metal filling the mold, casting a clear outline, dimensionally accurate, less allowance;
        2) without binders and addenda, without sand equipment, conservation of raw materials and power, reduce environmental pollution, reduce operating and maintenance costs, environmentally friendly;
        3) old sand recycling up to 95%, it solve the problem of waste sand processing;
        4) V method of casting metal flow is good, strong packing capacity, liquid metal cooled slowly in the cavity, it is conducive to feeding, casting riser can be reduced, the metal utilization, process production rate is high;
        5) V method of casting sand compaction is high, low temperature casting can make wear-resistant castings grain refinement, good wear resistance; it can be added outside the cold iron castings wear parts wear make grain refinement to improve the wear resistance ;
       6) the degree of mechanization is high, it improves working conditions, reduce labor intensity, good working environment.
Since the V-method casting process to produce wear-resistant castings having more than six advantages, it occupies an important position in China and the world in the production of wear-resistant castings.